Working With A Repair Shop To Ensure Your Vehicle Is Running Properly Before A Road Trip

Setting out on a trip in your vehicle can be exciting, but there are some things you should check before you commit to a long drive. Taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop for a safety inspection is an excellent starting point and will help ensure you do not get stranded on the road because of a problem you did not know existed in the vehicle.

Drive Train Inspection

The drive train in your vehicle consists of the engine, transmission, drive shafts, and axles under the car. If there is a problem with these parts, the vehicle may stop working unexpectedly. Inspection of the drive train will check all the failure points and help reduce the potential for a breakdown on the road. 

The mechanical systems under the car have some common points that fail more often than others, so a trained auto repair technician knows what to check and how to determine the drivetrain's health for you. In rear-wheel drive vehicles, the u-joints, drive shafts, and rear differential often fails before more significant components. With regular service, they can withstand hundreds of thousands of miles on the road under your vehicle. 

Things like oil and filter changes in the engine and transmission are critical, and replacing the gear oil, inspecting seals and bearings, and lubricating moving parts will help ensure the drivetrain does not let you down.

Tires And Brakes

The tires and brakes on your car or truck are critical items, and before you set out on any road trip, it is essential to check them carefully. The tires should be damage free and have good tread to ensure they perform properly, and the car handles correctly. If there is any damage to a tire on your vehicle, replacing it is vital, and an auto repair shop can help. 

The brake system is essential to stopping and controlling the vehicle but is often neglected until it begins to act up. A brake inspection by a qualified auto repair shop is an excellent way to head off problems before they start. If the tech notices wear or other problems in the brake system, they can make repairs to correct the problem and ensure the system will function properly again. 

Belts, Hoses, And Cooling System

When having an auto repair shop inspect your vehicle, it is essential to include the belts, hoses, and radiator. Many minor breakdowns along the road start with a hose failure or a belt that breaks, and checking these systems and replacing faulty parts will help avoid that situation. 

A complete vehicle inspection will not take very long, and most auto repair shops offer this service free. If they find any issues with the car, they will let you know and can make the repairs while the vehicle is in the shop. 

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