Does Your Vehicle Need To Go To An Audi Service Shop?

The idea of taking your vehicle to a shop that specifically handles Audi auto service might seem a little strange and unnecessary. However, there are several good reasons to take your ride to one if you own an Audi.

Manufacturer Specifications

Modern automobiles are tightly tuned machines. Whenever a manufacturer like Audi sets a specification, the engineers have a good reason for doing so. This permeates down to some surprisingly low-level issues, too.

For example, tires don't seem like something you need to get from an Audi service shop. Strictly speaking, your car isn't going to explode just because a non-Audi shop put third-party tires on it. Audi does, however, have tight specifications for its tires. Something like rolling resistance might seem trivial, but running the vehicle outside its specs over tens of thousands of miles may significantly degrade its fuel economy. Third-party suppliers usually can't afford to make tires to the manufacturer's specifications, and that comes with a performance penalty.


The technicians at an Audi service shop know the cars in and out. Especially if you need to get your car in and out of the shop as fast as possible, going to a shop that specifically handles Audi vehicles makes a difference. Folks who know the cars well will memorize the patterns for removing screws and bolts, for example. The mechanics will spend less time looking up simple things like how to remove the oil pan and more time getting work done.

It also helps to have experience doing every task in reverse. Experienced technicians who know the Audi models will do a more thorough job of getting every screw, bolt, and nut back on the car and in the right place. They will tweak each part to the right specifications so you can be sure that nothing will rattle while you go down the road.

Parts Available

Especially in the age of supply chain issues, parts availability matters. An Audi auto services provider — like Hillside Imports — will have the most standardized parts on hand. Likewise, they can order OEM parts quickly. Even if you have a classic car, they'll often be able to rapidly track down replacement components. The faster a shop can get the parts, the sooner the technicians will complete the job.


Manufacturers often use specific tools. The technicians will have the full toolkit for each Audi vehicle. They won't spend time trying to figure out what fits where. You also can trust that they'll properly faster every part because they used the exact same tools as the people who built the car.