What To Look For When Hiring A Glass Service For Your Vehicle Glass Replacement

Auto safety glass replacement can involve any of the glass in your car or truck, and it is essential that you get quality glass and service when needed. There are a few things to consider when hiring a service to work on your car or truck that will help ensure the best outcome possible. 

Factory Training

When choosing an auto safety glass replacement service, look for one with a factory-trained and certified technician. While not all techs are trained by every manufacturer to replace the glass on their cars, the certification, and training show they are working at the top of the industry.

Most shops will advertise that their techs are factory certified, so they are easier to identify for the customer. The more aerodynamic and sleek cars become, the more challenging the glass replacement gets. Any shop going the extra mile to ensure their techs can do the job well is worth checking out when you need auto safety glass replacement for your vehicle.

Often the shop will seek certification to cover the business, and the techs receive the factory training in-house. The shop may have one or two techs who are trainers and can instruct other techs on the details required. In-house trainers eliminate the need for each tech to go to the manufacturer's facility for specific training and streamline the process. 

OE Glass Suppliers 

You may want to ask the auto safety glass replacement service if they use OE (original equipment) glass when they replace a window or what supplier they are using. Some large glass shops may manufacture their glass, but more purchase it from a vendor or supplier.

Using OE replacement glass helps to ensure the glass is the best quality available for the vehicle and maintains the factory look after the glass repair is complete. Aftermarket glass manufacturers are mostly on par with the OE manufacturer, but the fit and finish may not be as good, and little things like factory tint on the glass can be slightly different, or the dimensions of the glass can be just loose enough to make sealing the glass more challenging. 

If you can not find OE glass for your car, installing an aftermarket auto safety glass replacement part may be the only option available. As manufacturers stop making replacement parts for older cars, OE replacement parts, including glass and seals, become harder to find. If the vehicle is a classic, the OE glass still around can be hard to work with if you do find it, and that is sometimes enough reason to use aftermarket glass but be selective to ensure you get the highest quality replacement glass available.