Transmission Issues With Your Vehicle: What To Watch Out For

The transmission in your vehicle is responsible for changing the gears on your car, and longevity depends on driving habits and maintenance. Many car owners have minimal problems with their transmission until it gets older, and generally repairs are under warranty when your vehicle is less than 5 years old. When you start to notice problems with shifting gears, it is beneficial to have your transmission checked over. It is possible that you have a leak in your transmission fluid, or that your transmission needs to be serviced to optimize the performance. If you are having trouble with gear changes, or your car isn't picking up speed, it's time to investigate further.

You Can't Change Gears Easily

One sign that your transmission is having problems is that the gears don't change with ease. You might notice that it is hard to shift your car into reverse from the park position. If you notice that you are driving down the road, and your car won't shift into the next higher gear, there could be problems with your transmission. 

The Car Won't Get Up to Speed

Another issue caused by transmission issues is when your car won't get up to the right speed. You might notice that your car shifts gears late, or won't go into the higher gears at all. If your car is accelerating poorly, this can also indicate that you have a problem with the exhaust system. A vehicle that has holes in the exhaust system will struggle to pick up speed.

Your Vehicle Drives Poorly

Transmission problems will make your vehicle difficult to drive. You may notice that the issue isn't getting any better, and your vehicle is becoming even more problematic. If you have problems with jerking while driving, this usually means the transmission is a problem.

You Find Pink or Red Fluid on Your Driveway

Another sign that you may have a transmission problem is that you find pink or reddish fluid where your vehicle was parked. Transmission fluid is this color and will cause problems if it leaks out of your vehicle.

If your transmission light goes on, bring your vehicle for auto transmission service right away. When you ignore a problem with your transmission, you will make the problem worse. Driving around with a transmission that needs fluid can destroy your transmission completely. Avoid destroying your transmission when you get the services you need.