3 Easy Ways To Determine If Your Diesel Engine Needs Repairs

Today's drivers value diesel engines for their fuel efficiency and rugged reliability. The key to ensuring that you are able to get your money's worth from a diesel engine is to invest in timely repairs when something goes wrong. When you are able to spot problems early, you will be able to determine when your diesel engine is in need of repairs to preserve its integrity over time.

Oil Consumption Goes Up

It's inevitable that you will have to invest in routine oil changes for your diesel engine, but these oil changes should occur at regular intervals. The amount of oil that your engine consumes within a specific period of time can tell you a lot about the overall health of the engine. A sudden and unexplained increase in oil consumption can be a sign that your engine needs some repairs. Many oil consumption increases can be traced back to worn piston rings. When the piston rings in your diesel engine aren't working properly, oil can slip past them and leak into the engine crankcase. Exposure to oil for an extended period of time could have disastrous consequences for your crankcase. Be sure that you have a diesel mechanic check your engine thoroughly if you notice that your oil levels are unusually low.

The Engine Knocks

Diesel engines produce a range of sounds, so you should become familiar with the routine noises your engine makes while it is in operation. This familiarity allows you to immediately detect any new sounds that arise. An unexplained knocking sound is a cause for major concern. An engine knock usually occurs when the moving components within the engine are not properly lubricated. Engine oil acts as a lubricant to help prevent metal from scraping against metal as various parts move within a diesel engine. When this lubrication decreases, the resulting contact between components will produce a knocking sound.

Exhaust Emissions Increase

You should be keeping a close watch on the amount of exhaust smoke your diesel engine generates. Changes in the exhaust emissions level can be an indication that your engine is no longer running as efficiently as it could. If you don't address an increase in exhaust emissions quickly, you run the risk of failing an emissions inspection and causing further damage to your engine. Only an experienced diesel mechanic will be able to pinpoint the reason for an exhaust emissions increase and make the repairs needed to reduce these emissions back to normal.

For more information, contact a diesel repair mechanic.