4 Things You Should Be Doing To Maintain Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is not something that you simply forget about until a dashboard light tells you it needs attention. There are several things that you should be doing over the years to keep the vehicle in good shape. Here are 4 things that you should be doing as part of your routine vehicle maintenance. 

Check The Tire Air Pressure

There is a specific range of air pressure that your tires should have if you want them to last a long time. It is typically imprinted on the sidewall of the tire so that it is very easy to find as well. Having air pressure that is too low is going to cause the sides of the tire tread to wear down prematurely and unevenly. If you have too much air in the tires, the center of the tire is going to touch the ground more and wear down in that area. 

Check The Motor Oil

You're likely well aware of the importance of changing your oil, but you also need to have a specific amount of oil as well. Just like with tire air pressure, there is a range of where your oil levels need to be at all times. You can check this by using the dipstick to inspect the oil level, with there being a range on the dipstick of where the oil level should be.

Change The Motor Oil As Scheduled

There are two indicators for when you should change your motor oil, which is after a specific amount of months or after driving a specific number of miles. The mechanic that performed your last oil change likely put a sticker on your windshield to indicate what those indicators are.

The reason there are two indicators is that motor oil gradually degrades. Even if you are not driving that frequently, the motor oil is not going to work as efficiently as it ages, and your vehicle is going to lack the lubrication it needs. Mileage can also degrade the motor oil as it gets used frequently. 

Change The Air Filter

Your vehicle has an air filter that needs to be replaced periodically. However, it is not always simple to tell when it needs replacement. You can visually inspect the air filter and replace it if you notice that it is dirty and filled with debris, or you can replace it after a specific amount of miles. Your owner's manual will likely have a recommendation of when to replace the air filter based on mileage. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a maintenance service, such as a Mercedes maintenance shop. Contact a local auto shop, such as J&T Automotive, to learn more.