Repairing Car Air Conditioning Problems

When a car's air conditioning system starts to fail, it can cause the interior of the car to become a very unpleasant place to spend long periods of time. If your air conditioning system is starting to experience problems, a car air conditioning repair service may be needed to restore this important system.

Air Conditioning That Stops Cooling When The Car Has Been Running For Awhile

You may start to notice that your air conditioning system loses effectiveness when the car has been in use for long periods of time. There are many potential problems that could contribute to this problem, but a common issue will be too little refrigerant. If there is too little refrigerant, it will have an increasingly difficult time overcoming the heat that is being absorbed by the vehicle and the heat that the engine is generating. These issues can result in the car gradually becoming warmer. Eventually, this problem will result in the cooling system completely failing as being low on refrigerant can indicate a leak is present.

Rattling Or Grinding Sound When The Air Conditioner Is Running

A buzzing sound coming from your air conditioning system may not seem like a major issue as long as it is working effectively. Unfortunately, this sound is often an indication that the compressor of the system is on the verge of failure. The compressor serves the role of circulating the refrigerant throughout the system. Once it fails, the AC will completely lose the ability to cool air, and it may even start blowing extremely hot air into the car. Replacing the compressor as soon as it starts making buzzing sounds can help to prevent you from finding yourself in a hot car with a failed air conditioning system.

No Air Coming From The Vents

A powerful fan will be used to move the cool air into the cabin of the car. Problems with this fan can result in the air coming from the vents being very weak or even non-existent. Depending on the problem that the fan is experiencing, it may be possible to repair this without needing to replace the entire blower. For example, a lack of lubrication or alignment problems with the blower can significantly decrease its performance while also being fairly simple for a professional to repair. If you are only noticing this issue coming from one of your vents, it may indicate an obstruction that will need to be found and removed. While it may seem strange for an obstruction to form in these systems, it can be the result of some pests or even children putting objects into the vents.

Reach out to a car air conditioning service to learn more.