Tips for Maintaining Your Car Engine

For your car to keep performing at its best, it is crucial to keep inspecting and maintaining it regularly. By doing so, you will optimize its performance and minimize any future repair costs. You will also extend its life and maintain its value. Here are some tips for maintaining a car engine.

Check Its Cooling System

This system transfers excessive heat out of the engine and also maintains the engine's internal temperatures. When planning for a long trip, check this part of the engine first. Some of its components include a coolant and water pump. 

Check to see if its cooling chambers are receiving the correct quantity of a coolant. Keep the coolant at an average level to avoid spillage. If the coolant turns red, replace it immediately.

Inspect Its Oil

The engine works better if you regularly change its oil. This is a practice you should never overlook. The oil lubricates the engine parts and prevents them from overheating. The engine needs the oil to function, and if you do not regularly change it, it may cause permanent damages to the engine with time. 

Most car service experts recommend you change the engine after covering 5,000–7,500 miles. Depending on the car, you may need to do this sooner, but others may take longer. Make it a habit of reading the manufacturer's manual when you should change the engine oil. You can also research online if you lost the manual to know the right time to do so. 

Check Its Spark Plugs and Timing Belts

A timing belt helps in closing and opening your engine's valves. Since they help in the efficiency and performance of your engine, you should take care of them. If they wear out, the combustion cycle is interfered with, and the spark plug will malfunction. When this happens, the fuel in the combustion chamber will not ignite as it should. Change these components regularly to keep your engine running in the long run.

Check Its Air Filters

like humans, the engine needs air to run efficiently. It uses this air to burn fuel in its combustion chambers and give the engine energy. This is why you need to ensure the engine gets a continuous stream of air by cleaning its air filters. Remove any foreign particles such as dust or debris from the filter or swap it with a new one if the need arises.

Maintain your car engine to keep it in tip-top shape and avoid extra costs associated with a faulty engine. For more car care assistance, contact local auto services.