Trailer Repairs That Are Often Needed After An Inspection Has Identified Problems

When you drive a truck, a lot of maintenance needs to be done to the truck and trailers. Trailers also need to have regular inspections and be maintained. Sometimes, inspections can identify problems with the trailers that require repairs before you can use them. The following trailer problems need to be repaired after they are identified during an inspection.

Issues with Electrical Systems—There may be various types of electrical systems. The electrical systems of the trailers can be used for several different things. Sometimes, they are used to power refrigeration, loading lifts, and other essential equipment that is needed for the cargo you are transporting. Therefore, these electrical systems also need to be inspected, and some repairs may be needed before you travel. The electrical systems that need to be repaired include replacing blown fuses, installing new batteries, and repairing damaged wiring. If your trailer is refrigerated, you will need to have maintenance and repairs done to it.

Air Brake Problems That Need Repairs—With commercial trucks and trailers, air brake systems are used. These are systems that work differently than the brakes in a passenger car. Therefore, these systems need special maintenance, and sometimes they need to have repairs done. There are various parts of trailer air brakes that need to be inspected for wear and damage. In addition to the air brakes, the axles of the trailer are also important and need to be inspected too. When you are having repairs and maintenance done to the trailer, the axles also need to be greased.

Issues with Quick-Connect Fittings—The trailer is connected to your truck with quick-connect fittings. These are special fittings for air and hydraulic hoses that quickly connect to these systems. Sometimes, these fittings can wear out, leak, and cause problems. Therefore, they may need to be replaced if they are faulty. In addition to the quick-connect fittings, the hoses and wiring that is connected to the trailer may also need to be repaired. These systems are on the truck and the trailer. Thus, they will both need to be inspected and have repairs done on them before hauling a trailer to deliver cargo. You may also want to carry extra connections and hose repair kits with you when delivering cargo to make quick repairs if you have problems on the road.

The problems with trailers that are identified during an inspection need to be repaired to ensure it is safe to transport. Contact a trailer repair service for help with these repairs before hauling your trailer again.