Guide to Auto Repairs

Car, trucks, and SUVs all break down at some point in their lifetime, and dealing with the repairs is not always easy, but working with a good auto repair service can make the situation more manageable. While there are many options for auto repair shops, most general repair shops can handle the repairs on your car unless you own something like an electric car. Read on to learn more.

Starting Issues

One common situation you may find yourself in is having a car that will not start when you turn the key. Sometimes the car will not even turn over, which could be caused by a dead battery. If the engine is turning over, but the vehicle will not start, several things should be checked at an auto repair shop. 

For example, the issue is often in the ignition or fuel system, and these types of issues will need to be diagnosed by a professional technician. Many times this means towing the car into the shop. Check with the auto repair shop you are using because sometimes they can tow you in, and the shop may waive the cost of the tow if they do the repair work for you.

Drivability Issues

Another common issue people have with their cars is stalling, sputtering, or rough idle issues. When you drive up to a stop sign or a traffic light and the car stalls, it can be dangerous. When the engine is not running, the brakes are harder to press, the steering is more difficult, and you may find that you are holding up traffic behind you. 

Drivability issues can sometimes be related to a dirty fuel filter or vacuum issues on the engine, but like the no start issue, it needs some diagnosis to pinpoint the problem. Pay attention to what the car is doing because this can help determine the cause. 

A stall when you apply the brakes, for instance, might be a vacuum issue, but if the car stalls after you are stopped, it could be fuel related. A rough idling engine could be related to either of those issues, but it is still a clue that the auto repair tech will use to determine the car's problem. 

Diagnostic Services

For some cars, it can be challenging to know what is going on, but if the auto repair service has a diagnostic computer, they can use the technology to narrow down the issues. The codes that show up in the computer are typically related to one system in the car, so while they may not show precisely what is wrong, they are another clue to the issue. The tech will use everything you tell them, along with the codes, to narrow down and find the problem with your car. 

To learn more about auto repair services, contact a shop near you.