Diesel Engine Problems That You Want To Repair When You Have Engine Performance Issues

There are many different things that can affect the performance of a diesel engine. You need to repair these issues quickly to prevent them from becoming costlier. Often, these issues are due to fuel systems, turbos, and exhaust issues. The following diesel engine problems are issues you want to watch for:

Issues with Air Intake and Turbos

The air intake is one of the areas of diesel engines that can cause problems. There are several issues with the air intake that affect engine performance, including:

  • Block filters
  • Bad oxygen sensors
  • Bad turbos

The problems with the air intake can often be fixed easily by changing the filter and cleaning sensors. If there is still a problem after doing this maintenance, you will want to have a diesel repair service check it.

Problems with Fuel Injection Systems

Fuel injection system problems can affect your engine performance. These can be due to problematic filters, injectors, and other components. Some fuel injection issues that need to be repaired include:

  • Blocked fuel filter
  • Failing fuel pump
  • Issues with injectors
  • Faulty heat plugs

The fuel injection problems are often caused by using cheap fuels. Use more refined premium fuels to prevent these problems. If you have a high-performance diesel car, you want to only use premium fuels to avoid these issues.

Diesel Exhaust Issues

The exhaust system can also cause several problems with the engine. This is because modern diesel engines must meet emissions requirements. To accomplish this, there are more components to filter out the particles in the exhaust. This puts a lot of strain on the engine, and the exhaust system may need to be repaired before these issues cause serious damage to the engine.

Overheating and Engine Compression

Overheating is another problem that you may have with diesel engines. This is often caused by problems with the cooling system or the top end of the engine. Heads on the top of your motor can go bad and cause leaks that lead to other problems. Before the overheating causes severe damage to the engine, you will need to rebuild the heads and replace the blown gaskets. This can often solve compression loss problems that cause severe damage. A diesel repair service can rework the heads and do other repairs to ensure your engine performance problems are solved.

The issues with your engine performance can be a serious problem when the repairs are neglected. Contact a diesel repair service to have these issues checked before they become costly.