How To Keep A Windshield Crack From Spreading

If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, then you might be worried that it will spread and create more damage. While this can happen with any crack or chip, you'll be more concerned if the damage is already splintering out in lines across the glass. If it looks like the crack or chip is spreading, then you need a quick repair.

If you can't have the problem fixed quickly, then you can find ways to contain the damage and stop it from spreading. These are temporary fixes — they won't fix the crack or chip — but they should stop things from getting worse until you can arrange a windshield repair.

What can you use to stop things from getting worse?

Use Clear Tape

If you have some splinter lines, then you may be able to stop them from spreading by covering them with clear tape. Here, the tape doesn't so much hold the cracks in place as much as prevent other stuff from making the damage worse.

If dirt gets inside the damaged area, then it can force the chip or crack to open up or widen. This can spread damage across your windshield. If you tape up the crack or chip and any splinter lines, then you should keep the area clean and free from dirt. This should be enough to prevent the damage from getting worse in the short-term.

Use a Liquid Sealant

If you have a small chip, crack, or splinter line, then you can use adhesive liquids to seal the edges of the damage. For example, a dab of super glue or clear nail polish in key areas can be useful here.

To make these fixes work, you need to seal the crack or chip's edges. You should do this even if the damage has radiated out into splinter lines. You should then also put a little of the liquid you're using at the end of any splinter lines or cracks. Make sure to do this on both sides of the window if the damage has gone through the glass.

Superglue or clear nail polish will harden and set around the chip or crack. This should be enough to seal them temporarily until you get a repair.

These fixes should help you protect your windshield from further damage. However, it's important to realize that they aren't permanent solutions. It's still important to have a crack or chip repaired as soon as you can. If the damage gets worse, you will have to pay for a bigger repair or even a new windshield.

To find out more, talk to windshield repair professionals.