3 Auto Service Skills You Should Learn While Getting Your CDL License

Getting a class A CDL license will require you to go through several weeks of training, usually by taking Class A CDL training classes, along with taking an official test that will be administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once you have passed the required tests, you will be permitted to begin driving tractor-trailers and semi-trucks on the road. While you are in the process of learning how to drive big rings, there are some other skills that you should consider acquiring. Here are three skills that you should learn along with the driving skills needed for your CDLs. 

How to perform common mechanical truck repairs

Repairing a semi-truck will require specific training skills. Knowing how to do some mechanical repairs under your truck will be helpful, especially if you intend to own your own truck or start your own driving company. Being able to remove and replace old truck parts is especially helpful, since diagnostic may be able to identify what is going wrong under the hood and what needs to be repaired. Take mechanics courses to learn to do common repairs, which will allow you to learn how to care for your trucks. 

Learn to upkeep your interior upholstery

Whether you purchase a brand new semi or if you plan to fix up an older semi to save on some cash, you will need to learn how to take care of the upholstery. You do not need to have extra special sewing abilities to make sure that the upholstery stays in good condition. Make sure to install proper shades in the vehicle so that your upholstery is not affected by the sun's rays. Bring a kit of leather conditioner and leather glue along with you to make quick repairs to upholstery. This will make sure that you can make any small fixes on the road so that you do not have to replace any of your seats or dashboard.

Go through survivalist classes

There is always a chance that you and your truck will get stuck somewhere. Depending on where and when you drive, you may have to remain with your truck in order to wait for help to arrive or wait until it is daylight. For this reason, you should take a class on how to survive in the wilderness and how to survive in a number of natural disasters. Whether you run into a flood or your truck get stuck while you are in the desert at night, survivalist classes will help you keep yourself and your truck secure and healthy until you can get the help required.