Signs Your Engine Needs Repairs

If you are a car owner, it is easy to get lulled into a sense of complacency, assuming that your car will continue to run well and function all the time. However, a car is a complex piece of machinery, and sometimes there will be problems or issues. One of the most vital components of your car is the engine. It is important to know when your engine is having trouble so that you can get your care in for auto repairs to prevent severe and irreparable damage.

Learn about some of the signs your engine needs repairs. Then, you can get to the auto shop as soon as possible if and when you notice them. 

Your Car Idles Roughly

One of the many signs that your engine needs repairs is if your car idles roughly. This means that if you are in park or stopped at a red light, the car might be shaky or just feel rough and unusual. This is a telltale sign that something is amiss with your engine. Take it in for auto repairs as soon as this starts happening. It could be just that your car is low on oil but it could also be a bigger problem that needs to be dealt with. 

Your Car Rattles

If your car rattles when it is running or you hear a sound akin to knocking when you are idling or driving, this too is likely an engine issue. This can occur for many reasons including misfires in the engine as well as loose parts and other issues. 

Your Gas Mileage Gets Worse

When you are driving, you should have a pretty good idea of what your normal gas mileage is, whether you have a system setting that tells you your gas mileage or not. If you find yourself having to fill your tank a lot more often or you just notice that you use up more gas to go shorter distances, you likely have engine trouble. 

Your Check Engine Light Comes On

And of course, if and when your check engine light comes on, you should head to the auto shop right away. Do not ignore the check engine light or try to continue driving with the light on—this is a recipe for disaster. 

Knowing these signs that your engine needs repair, you can be sure that you get your car in for auto repairs if you notice any of them in your car.