Car Exhaust Repair: Does Your Vehicle Need It?

Your vehicle's exhaust system is responsible for directing harmful engine emissions away from the car to ensure that you and your passengers remain safe. Due to the fact that this integral system removes fumes as well as other pollutants that can contaminate your vehicle's engine, it also contributes to the exhaust's fuel efficiency and overall performance. Keep reading to learn about the various signs that it is time for your vehicle to go in for exhaust repair so that you are doing your part to minimize your carbon footprint and maintain an operational vehicle.

Loud Noises

Exhaust systems are designed to muffle the noises of the engine. If there is a leak in the exhaust system, the engine will make some rumbling sounds each time the vehicle's RPMs increase or decrease. Leaks generally appear in the exhaust system's joints or sometimes on the exhaust manifold.


When auto exhaust repair is needed due to a leak, you may notice that your steering wheel vibrates upon acceleration. These vibrations occur as a result of uneven gas flow in the engine, which causes pulsating motions when it moves throughout the vehicle's exhaust system. Leaks can cause a disruption to this gas flow, making the pulsations much more apparent.


Leaks in the muffler and exhaust manifold can leak to the engine fumes coming inside the cabin of the vehicle. When this happens, you will start smelling burnt fuel odors. Cabin odors can also be caused by broken tailpipes due to the exhaust not flowing out properly.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

If you are visiting the gas pump more frequently than usual, this can be indicative of an exhaust leak and the need for exhaust repair. The reason for this is because the engines will burn hotter, work harder, and utilize more gas due to the fact that the fumes that they're producing are not being removed efficiently. Auto exhaust leaks tend to interfere with the readings from oxygen sensors as well. In the event that a sensor reads high levels of oxygen within the engine by accident, additional fuel will be used in order to deal with the excess oxygen.

If you have noticed any one of the aforementioned issues with your vehicle, there is a good chance that you are dealing with an exhaust leak. To prevent further issues with your vehicle, take your vehicle to a car exhaust repair shop at your very earliest convenience.